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Founded in 2023 based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It includes a Game Label, Game Services, and a Game Academy. It aims to develop and empower the Video gaming sector and launch games that represent the identity of every real player, especially the Saudi player, according to the best international standards, and reflect the goals and vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its interest in this sector. NAPHORA aims to be the right hand for both local and international game developers, working to present their games to real players and create unforgettable experiences and memories.




Game Label

This is where every awesome game starts. We've got you covered for all your game development costs and take care of everything from business management, accounting, and project management to legal advice through our partners. We're here to offer all the expertise your project needs across different areas, all through several stages :

  • Stage 1: The idea stage. Your creative juices are flowing. you’ve got a great game idea but haven’t developed it yet .

  • Stage 2: You’re in preproduction. You’ve got a prototype. We’re your incubator.

  • Stage 3: you’re now in production. We’ll help accelerate the process.

  • Stage 4: congratulations, you’re ready to go to market. We’ll help you publish the game .



Game Services

  • Gamification

  • Consultation

  • PR and marketing strategy

  • Marketing operations

  • Localization services

  • MENA market entry and development



Game Academy

We offer training and educational services for development across various departments, from programming and game design to 2D or 3D art. Our programs are delivered by highly skilled specialists, using the latest and most relevant tools.

50 +

Team Members

Games Studio

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It takes the world's best talent to change the game.

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